As I mentioned last week we have an extra 45 mins of pool time this week, as the Juniors will not be swimming after us, so I will be making each session 1.5 hours long.  Hence the 7am session will run until 8:30 and the second session will run from 8:30am till 10am.  This gives us chance to get two main sets in this week.  The first will be a VO2 max set of 300s, so you can refer to my previous post on this topic if you need a reminder, and the second will be a longer set of 125s practising varying the pace.

With the longer sessions please do make sure you adjust your pace depending on the set and take it easy in the sets when you are asked to.  Varying the pace of your swimming is an important skill and generally you see the better swimmers swimming at a far greater range of different paces during a swimming session than weaker swimmers.  I think some of this may come from the triathlete “working hard” mentality but I do think there is a lot to learn from swimming at different speeds.

As I have mentioned before, you should always be monitoring and trying to improve your technique, and swimming at different paces can help you in the search for a fast, efficient swimming style.  When swimming slowly you have a lot more time to think about your stroke, and your muscles are usually less-fatigued, so really try and use the easy-paced swims to swim with as perfect a technique as you can.  Then, when you start to swim faster, try and keep your feel for the water by just applying a bit more pressure to the water rather than trying to increase your stroke rate too much.  Fast, efficient swimming only comes if you can keep a good hold of the water.

See you Saturday!