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After the intensity of the fast swimming and time trials over the past few weeks we will be slowing down the pace this week with some technique work (Unco and reverse catch-up) and an aerobic-paced main set.  Take the extra time you have from swimming more slowly to really think about your stroke and making it as good as it can be, especially during the main set where you are doing the most swimming so have most chance to ingrain good technique habits.

We will increase the intensity again soon as we continue to build pace ready for the race season.  There will also be a final set of time trials before the summer which will be at the end of May or early June.


This week we will be continuing work on front crawl body position and rotation by doing some single-arm drill, also called the Unco drill (short for uncoordinated) by some.  Essentially it is just single-arm front crawl but with the non-moving arm held down by your side rather than out in front.  This allows you to do more of a rotation of your body position than if your other arm was in front.  There is a good description of it on the Swim Smooth website here if you would like to learn more about it.

The thing I would like to to focus on is really trying to make sure you do a full 180 degree rotation of your body on each stroke, so really over-emphasizing body rotation beyond normal.  If you are pulling with your right arm then during the pull your body should be facing the left-handside of the pool with your left shoulder out of the water.  However, once the pull is completed you should then rotate fully to face the right-handside of the pool for the recovery (but with your head facing down all the time except for breathing!)  The pictures on the Swim Smooth website should help you see the minimum amount of body rotation I would like to see you try and achieve.  Then, when we go back to normal swimming, really try and keep that rotation going and you should really feel the benefit with a longer and stronger stroke.

See you Saturday,


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