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Only just over a week until the club Aquathlon so we’ll be looking to sharpen your 400m time trial skills.  We’ve had some good speed work over the last few weeks so this week we will be doing some speed endurance swims – doing blocks of 100s at race pace with a short recovery.  And to add a bit of race-day practise I am going to ask you to do a quick exit from the pool after each block of 100s before heading down to the opposite end of the pool to start the next set.

As we all know, racing any multi-sport event, like Triathlon or Aquathlon, requires a measured effort on the first disciplines to ensure you have enough left to quickly and efficiently get through both the transitions and the subsequent disciplines.  So please try and simulate this approach this week and swim each block of 100s as fast as possible but trying to hold a little bit back, as you would for going in to the run, by swimming as fast and relaxed as possible.  As I have said before a good way to do this is to have a good high stroke rate.  The drills we will be doing before the main set will help you get ready for swimming a higher stroke rate in the main set.

See you Saturday, Rob!


Photo by Mateus Araujo on Unsplash


I will be away on holiday for the next few weeks so won’t be there to swim or coach any of the sessions until 6th September.  However, Chrissie and Simon have offered to coach some of the Saturday sessions when they can.  They are unlikely to be there every session, due to holidays and Junior coaching commitments, but will most likely be there for some of them.

I have left the sessions for the next few weeks in the box with our registration sheets so if you are first at a session please can you get the session out for the right week and put them against the appropriate lanes.  I have also added the sessions on the website here so if you are away on holiday and want to do some of them, as some of you have already asked, then please feel free to use them!

The theme for the next few weeks is maintaining both speed and speed endurance as we head towards the end of the race season.  If there are two things I would like you to think about when you do these sessions it is varying your pace and maintaining technique when you are tired and swim at speed.  If you want some reminders from my previous posts about this you can look at this one.

Have a good August and race well for those of you that have more races in August.  Remember – you will often race a faster triathlon by backing off a few percent in effort on the swim, getting the basics of navigation right and focusing on a strong, relaxed and efficient technique rather than really trying to push the swim.

See you in September!




This week our main set will be working on top-end swim speed and VO2 max with a mix of 100s and 50s.  To get the most from this set you will need to focus on doing all of the 50s at 100% effort.  This should help improve your VO2 max, top-end swimming speed and help improve your speed endurance when you are still looking to swim at 1500m pace for the 100s after the 50m sprints.

When you are swimming the 50s flat out the most important thing to do is put in 100% effort.  However, you will get more benefit and swim faster if you can also hold your technique together when putting in this effort.  When sprinting try to focus on kicking really hard and fast and getting your speed by pressing harder underwater on each stroke rather than trying to increase your stroke rate.  Your stroke rate will increase naturally as you kick faster and you should be able to keep hold of the water better rather than slipping water as you try to rip your hand through the water too quickly.  For a short video of Roland Schoeman doing some sprint freestyle see the following video.  Especially note the speed of his leg kick!

See you Saturday!


I will be away this week so Chrissie has kindly offered to take the session.  We have the pool for 3 hours again so we will again be running two sessions – 7 to 8:30 and 8:30 to 10.  Chrissie will be showing you all how it is done and swimming the first session but has kindly offered to coach for the second one.

The main set this week will be working on speed endurance again with a set of 100s, as we did a few weeks ago, so you may want to refresh your memory on some things to think about on this from last time.  There will also be a chance to do some work on technique – both by doing some different strokes and doing some quick catch drill.  You can read one of my previous posts on quick catch drill if you need a reminder on what this is all about.

See you in a week’s time!


This week we will be repeating a session from a couple of months ago that was inspired by Will Clarke.  The aim is to continue working on our current pre-season focus of swimming faster and more efficiently to allow us to build and maintain swimming speed for longer sets.  You can re-read my previous post on this session for a reminder of some things to think about.

If you haven’t seen it already I would recommend Chrissie Wellington’s article about swimming faster in this week’s 220 Magazine, which you can see here.  I think all of her tips are good, especially for the less-experienced swimmers, and particularly like her advice about trying to stay relaxed and work on feel rather than trying to fight the water.

On April 26th and May 3rd the Juniors will not be using the pool from 9:15 to 10:00 so we have a great opportunity to get some more pool time for a couple of longer sessions.  For those weeks I will set two longer sessions, one from 7 to 8:30 and the other from 8:30 to 10, to give us all chance to get a bit of extra quality swimming in ready for the start of the main competition season.

See you Saturday!


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