We will do the Saturday Christmas Swim a week on Saturday (21st Dec) and last year we did a set of 30-45 x 100s depending on the lane.  This year I asked for suggestions in one of my weekly emails, a few weeks ago, but the only two suggestions I received have been to “play waterpolo” and “swim 1k Fly”.  Unfortunately, the pool won’t let us play waterpolo, because of the large windows, so 1k Butterfly it is then!  Although we can also practice waterpolo-style front crawl – which is just head-up front crawl – so I will throw some of that into the Christmas swim, too.

I actually think doing 1k Butterfly will be a great challenge – and great mental preparation for the hard times in a race when you know you will have done something most other triathletes would never dream of doing!  However, I don’t think any of us could manage it continuously doing full stroke all the way – myself very much included.  So, like any tough challenge, we will break it up into manageable chunks and will do lots of front crawl in between.  This has the benefit of allowing us to continue the theme from our sessions in the last couple of weeks of focusing on efficiency when swimming front crawl to make sure we have as much energy as possible to tackle the Fly.

This week we will do some more Butterfly technique alongside our usual aerobic front crawl set.  Please treat this as an opportunity of trying to be as relaxed and efficient as possible – even on the Butterfly.  Most of us will struggle to do 1k full stroke Fly so try and make sure you can drop back to a more manageable Fly drill that is less tiring – single-arm is a good candidate for this as is extra-kick Fly.  In fact, doing 4 or 5 long slow leg kicks per arm stroke should be much easier than full stroke Fly.  Last week we all did 550m of Fly during the session, this week we will do a bit more so that 1K of Fly next week will feel a lot more achievable.

See you all Saturday!