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Great effort last week on the drills with alternating hinge drill.  I saw some good high elbow catches and also had good feedback that you could really feel the difference.  We are going to build on that this week with a final session before we do the first time of the Winter next week, where I will ask you to focus on swimming fast with good technique.

The drills this week will be alternating hinge again followed by catch-catch-pushCatch-catch-push is my new name for catch-catch-pull and I have just changed the name to emphasize the key focus point for this week, i.e. making the propulsion part of the underwater stroke a push rather than a pull.  Please continue to be patient with the catch – as we have been practising – with no power applied during the catch phase.  Please also be patient with the push – starting the push gently and increasing the pressure on the water until the maximum speed of your wrist and forearm is at the end of the underwater stroke just before you start the recovery.  When you do this well you should feel the acceleration of the water past your body as you accelerate yourself through the water with each arm stroke.

As usual, please take the time you need during the drills to get this right and then keep it going into the main set, which will be aerobic 150s this week.

See you Saturday!



I think this time of year is really special.  Not only do we have some wonderfully inspirational performances to inspire us from the Ironman World Camps in Kona (and the bonus last weekend of seeing the world’s first sub 2-hour marathon) but also the golden opportunity to take some time to plan what improvements we want to make over the winter to take into the race season next year.  For many of us making improvements in our run or bike way well take precedence over swim improvements.  It will be for me, too, as my run is the area I am keen to try and make the biggest improvements on over the Winter.  However, almost everyone should and will have a swimming goal for the Winter even if it is only to maintain their current swim performance or efficiency while improving in other areas.

My swimming goal is to improve my 800m time in the pool and 1km open water time by 20s ahead of my A-races in June 2020.  I plan to do this by working on three key areas – core strength and mobility out of the pool, increased stroke rate technique in the pool and weekly open water sessions from April onwards.  So please do take advantage of this golden opportunity of this time of year to plan your Winter swim goal as it will really help you make tackle the sessions we do each week in the right way.

Working towards your goal may mean you move to a different lane to give you time to work on your technique on an easier turnaround time.  Or perhaps coming along to more sessions, especially the technique sessions.  Or perhaps even coming along to fewer swim sessions – and being more selective in the type of swim sessions you do – to give you more time to focus on the bike and run.  Whatever it is, I am very happy for you to adapt how you tackle the Saturday swim sessions to fit with your goal as long as you are respectful to your fellow lane swimmers and fit in with without disrupting the session for others in the lane.

This week is the final week of training before the National Short Course Champs in Sheffield so the 7am session in lane 1 will be doing speed work in preparation.  All other lanes, and the 8am session in lane 1, will have a session where I would like you to continue working on the push part of your underwater stroke.  To help you work on this the session will be as follows:

  • Some pull with paddles to help you focus on the gradual acceleration through the push phase of the underwater stroke
  • Some drills to give you some time to focus on rotation combined with the push
  • An aerobic main set where you put in all together, with a little kick thrown in just to remind you about keeping a good rhythm
    with the legs!

See you Saturday!



Photo by Aaron Munoz on Unsplash

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