I hope you all enjoyed watching some of the fabulous performances at the Olympics.  One of the things I like best about the Olympics is that you get some fantastic footage of the swimming, both above and below the water.  Swim Smooth have done a great compilation of the some of the best performances in this hour long video by Paul Newsome with commentary on some key coaching points.  I particularly like Paul’s comments about

  • the importance of getting the right balance between stroke rate and stroke length (watch the video starting 10 mins in for the key bits on this), and
  • pace judgement and the swimming a negative split for the best overall time (1-5 mins of the video)

We will be doing some steady-paced aerobic swimming this week during the main set but why not use this long main set to play around with your stroke rate and see if a higher or lower stroke right might help you swim faster for less effort.  As Paul mentions in his video, and backed up by several studies, the counter-intuitive fact is that often a higher stroke rate can be more efficient, faster and less tiring so give it a go!

See you Saturday,