After the intensity of the swims over the last two weeks we’re going to mix it up a bit this week with a triathlon swimmer’s equivalent of cross-training – some different strokes!  There will still be plenty of front crawl – all at an aerobic pace so giving you more time to think about your technique – but with some medley swims thrown into the main set.

I do think swimming different strokes every once in a while is good for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it helps you become a more-rounded swimmer by helping develop water skills you don’t get from just swimming front crawl.  Also, different strokes really do work different muscles much better and Butterfly, especially, is a really good work-out for your core.  And swimming different strokes is fun, too, and gives you a break from the same-old strokes each week.

I know many of you do find Butterfly difficult so please just give it a try.  Butterfly is the hardest stroke for pretty much everyone and the secret to making it easier is to get the dolphin action by really diving under the water on each stroke and letting your hips rise.  One of the most effective ways of doing this is to throw your head down quickly after breathing as the momentum of your head will help with the diving down action.  If you are really struggling try just doing single-arm butterfly and getting the rhythm that way first.

Next week we have the pool for 3 hours as the juniors are away at Grafham so if you are around look forward to a longer session!

See you Saturday,