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After the quick start set we did last week we are going to do some work focusing on your legs this week.  Using your legs for selected periods of a swim is a great way to generate a change of pace if you want to bridge a gap and get on someone’s feet, or to make a quick gap to get someone off your feet.  However, using your legs can be very tiring so practising using them in a session is a great way to both improve your leg fitness and get a good workout.

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This week the main set is based on one of Jess Learmonth’s favourite sessions that includes several 100s kick alongside some race pace swims.  We will do this after a steady-paced subset of pull with paddles so you will be getting a chance to exercise your full body very well this week!

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Last week we did the Brownlee set of 100s, inspired by Jonny Brownlee’s performance in Rotterdam.  This week we are being inspired by Jess Learmonth who had a fantastic performance in the womens’ elite race.

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She’s one of the fastest swimmers on the ITU circuit today so this week our main set will be based on one of her favourites.  The set consists of some good paced 100s and 50s with some steadier paced kick in between, both with and without a kick board.  Kick is a great way to work on your core so I hope you enjoy trying out this new set.

We are back to the usual swim times this week with the 8am session finishing at 9:15am.

See you Saturday!


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