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We have done a lot of intensity during the build-up and start to the race season so this week we are going to take a breath and slow down a bit.  The triathlon season is long and I think it is important to balance intensity with steadier-paced work.  Especially when many of us are getting good intensity training from races.

The main set will be a steady aerobic pyramid and we will have a technique subset beforehand to remind yourself about getting a good distance per stroke.  And to finish off we will do some 25 sprints for a bit of fun!  See you Saturday!


This week we will increase the intensity a bit more in preparation for time trials next week.  Hence, the main set this week will consist of just a few repetitions of 300m with long recoveries.  You should try and push each 300m hard and be hanging on by the time you hit the last 25m.  Like last week, if you feel the lactic acid building up before the last length then you are going too hard, too soon.  Similarly, if you are not starting to tie up by the last length you are going too slowly.  However, doing longer repetitions at this intensity is good for improving your VO2 max which should benefit you when we get into full race pace swimming.

As we do more faster paced swims I think it is really important to do “active recovery” after swimming hard.  This is a really good way of keeping the blood flowing and getting rid of any lactic acid build-up before the next set.  Last week I got you all to swim a 100 IM as an active recovery after the main set, which I think some of you thought was me just being cruel!  This week there will also be some more active recovery swims and I think it is important to start these straight after a hard swim.  You can swim as slowly as you like but getting started quickly is really important and will also help relieve some of the congestion at the end of each lane with the large numbers we are currently getting each week.

See you Saturday!


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