This week we will be doing the ratchet set again which, if you remember, was the invention of Alex, our regular leader of lane 1. This set is good for speed endurance and we will also be throwing in some 25m sprints at the end of the session as well.

I’ve always thought doing some sprint work is good for both swimmers and triathletes, even if you never go that fast in a race, as it helps practice maintaining technique at speed, is good for building your aerobic capacity and also just good fun. However, having recently read Joe Friel’s book “Faster After 50”, I’ve also learnt that there is some good research to back up the benefit of this type of training as we all get older. High intensity training, such as sprinting, is apparently one of the best ways of stemming the rate of decline of aerobic capacity as we age. And for triathletes, high-intensity training for running provides aerobic capacity benefits for cycling and vice versa. However, aerobic capacity for cycling and running does not really help swimming aerobic capacity so we have to do specific swimming aerobic capacity training to maintain that.

See you Saturday!