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Well done for all of your efforts for the longer session last week – especially the hard core who did a full 3-hour session (Team Bradford, Anita & Jo.)  I hope I didn’t forget anyone?!  A fantastic effort all round!

This week we will be starting our Winter training for most people but continuing some race-pace efforts for lane 1 and lane 2 (8am session only) for a couple more weeks, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, for those racing at the end of October.  The race-pace efforts will be USRPT 50s and for everyone else aerobic-paced swims after some technique work focusing on a high-elbow pull.

So have you come up with some Winter swimming goals after my post a few weeks ago?  Is it improving your 400m time trial time by 10s over the Winter or just learning to swim at the same pace more efficiently so you can focus on improvements for your bike and run?  Whatever your goal is, have you come up with a plan for how you will try to achieve it with some process and performance goals to help you along the way?  I would be very happy to hear about them if you have.

I would strongly recommend thinking hard about what you think will help you achieve your swimming goals and also getting some help.  I am very happy to provide any coaching advice so please just ask.  Also, Chrissie has kindly offered to help coach some sessions over the next few weeks so please do ask her advice.  And I will plan to bring along a camera to as many sessions as I can over the next few weeks for anyone that wants filming – above or below the water.  This is a great way to see what you are doing and decide on any technique changes you may wish to make in support of your goals and also get a baseline recording for comparing against.  There is nothing like having feedback to compare against to check that the changes you are making are effective.

See you Saturday!


As the triathlon season draws to a close it is time to start thinking about our goals for the Winter.  Helen is much more of an expert than me on goals and you may have seen her article on goal setting in Outdoor Swimmer.  For me this provides a good framework in terms of outcome goals, performance goals and process goals.

  • Outcome goals are exciting! These represent a goal which is motivating but is not necessarily in your control, for
    example doing a personal best time in a 5km race or taking 20 minutes off your Ironman time.
  • Performance goals monitor if you are on track. This is where you set small challenges for improvement, for
    example doing an extra swimming session each week or aiming to reduce your 400m time trial time by 10s.
  • Process goals are most directly in your control, these are steps that you can do on a daily basis in order to help you achieve goals, for example choosing a specific technical element, such as your high-elbow pull underwater, to work on each time you go training.


So what are your outcome, performance and process goals?  It might take some time to think them through.  I would encourage you to do this over the next few weeks before we start Winter training, since having clear performance and process goals will give you a great focus, as well as providing the psychological benefits Helen talks about in her article.

In the session this week we will be doing the Jess Learmonth session of 100s and 50s interspersed with kick.  We haven’t done a session like this for a while so enjoy the challenge!

See you Saturday,


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