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It’s time for the Easter Swim this week.  So we will be splitting the session into two equal 65 minute sessions – starting at 7am and 8:05am.

This will be a chance to put all of the hard work over the last few weeks to the test by seeing how all all our hard work on fast 50s and 100s translates into easy speed over a long endurance set.  The set will be a challenge and consist of a long set of 100s off a fairly short turnaround time.  Pace yourselves, relax and enjoy the challenge by focusing on good technique to achieve a good easy-speed.

See you Saturday!


As it is Easter this weekend we will do a special Easter Swim this Saturday.  It will be a bit like the Christmas Swim except that you earn the right to eat extra Easter Eggs for doing it rather than extra Turkey.  We will also have two equal sessions of an hour and five minutes each, the first one starting at 7am sharp and the second session starting at 8:05am – so please be prompt.  For some thoughts on what to think about in preparation please see my previous post.

See you Saturday,


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