Well, I am pleased to hear that you are an ambitious lot from what I have heard back from you asking about your swimming goals!  It seems that a good number of you are keen to improve your swimming speed and efficiency this winter in preparation for a mix of standard to long distance triathlon races already planned for next year.  Those who have said how much time they want to save have been pretty realistic, on the whole, but also ambitious to make significant improvements, which is really good to hear.

Having set a swimming goal for the winter the next thing is to determine the major challenges you need to overcome.  If your swimming fitness is the major challenge then how are you going to make time for sessions without compromising your running and cycling?  If technique is your major challenge then how are you going to determine what improvements you need to make and make enough time to practice them?  How are you going to measure your progress and whether or not any changes are working?

You have a good mix of sessions that we provide at the Triathlon Club to support you in your goals as well as other good swimming specialists such as Ed’s Elite Swimming Academy and the City of Cambridge Masters Swimming Club.  I recommend you choose the appropriate mix of sessions to support what you need and with the Saturday sessions I plan to do the following:

  • I will aim to have at least one underwater camera at all of the Saturday sessions before Christmas for those of you that want to be filmed and get some feedback on your stroke.
  • Various combinations of Chrissie, Simon and myself will be at as many Saturday sessions as possible in the lead up to Christmas to give you more options to get some coaching on your stroke.
  • I will run some more time trials in sessions over the Winter to help you measure your progress and what sort of effect and changes in your stroke are making.  I will announce these in advance, for those that don’t want to do this, but will also look at changing the format a bit so we can fit them into a session alongside other training.  Watch this space for more details!

In the session this week we will be doing some more front crawl technique focusing on the catch so please think really hard about keeping your elbow close to the surface of the water when you do the catch.  You can watch this short video of Rebecca Adlington for a fantastic example of this here.

As well as the technique work we will also be doing a nice long set of 100s with a few IMs thrown in for fun.  But, please, please, please really try and think about your technique during the main sets as this is where you can really get a lot of benefit by locking in improvements in your technique as part of longer sets.

See you Saturday,