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It’s time for the Christmas Swim again.  Where has this year gone!?  As in previous years we will be doing two equal sessions to ensure everyone can do the same set.  So the 7am session will finish at 8:05am and the next session will start at 8:05am and finish at 9:10am.

The Christmas Swim this year is built on that wonderful trio of technique, challenge and fun.  We will be doing a long block of 100s, off a fairly short turnaround time, to make it a challenge.  The technique comes from what I want you all to focus on during the first and second 100 of each block of 3.  All the 100s are full stroke front crawl but I would like you to think about having an excellent EVF on the first 100 in each block and a good core-driven rotation and push in the second 100 of each block.

The fun part comes from every third 100 where you will get a draw a lucky dip variation from a swimming hat in your lane and do what it says.  It may also vary your recovery time so adding to the challenge element of the session as well!  Please let your fellow swimmers know what the lucky dip element is of each 100 by passing it down the line through the lane as the short turnarounds mean there won’t be time to have a chat or add any extra rest if you want to finish the session.  Please also make sure you start promptly.

See you Saturday!



Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash

It is time for the final set of time trials of our Winter training and I would like you to focus on swimming them with a good mindset.  Most of you are in very good shape physically, and have improved your technique over the Winter, so the other key aspect to putting in a good performance is having a good mindset.

Helen is much more on an expter on this than me and her advice for you all is that a good mindset to adopt is a Challenge mindset.  

She has written an excellent article for Outdoor Swimmer Magazine on this very topic which you can read here.

So what can you do to get yourself into a Challenge mindset rather than a Threat mindset?  I think Helen’s article has some great suggestions in three areas – self-confidence, control and achievement goals – so here are some ideas specific ideas that you may want to think about:

  • Self-confidence – many of you are great at encouraging others during time trials but speak less encouragingly to yourselves.  How about trying to speak to yourself in the same positive way as you would to encourage others by focusing on all the good sessions you have done in preparation?
  • Control – you can’t control how anyone else swims in the lane next to you, so how about focusing on what you can control with your effort and technique, especially if you know that good technique helps you swim quicker.  For the last time trial I know some of you tried this (thinking on just one aspect of technique each length) and found it very successful.
  • Achievement goals – focusing on a good achievement goal, like relaxing on the first 100m or saving enough energy to start pushing the 3rd 100m, are much better than worrying about what others might be thinking or what your time will be.  Focusing on how you want to swim the time trial will allow the result to look after itself.

So what are the 3 things you will do for self-confidence, control & acheivement goals to try and give yourself a good challenge mindset this week?

See you Saturday,




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