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I hope you were all as impressed as I was by all the action in Rotterdam last week – from both the Elites, Age Groupers, Para and especially members of our club that raced and Don has recently written about.  Inspired by their efforts I thought it was only fitting to do a set this week like the training they do themselves.  So we will be doing the Brownlee main set of progressively-paced 100s that we have done before.  This time, however, we will be making them 1-3 progressive, rather than 1-5 progressive as we usually do, to make it more of an action-packed set like the action we saw on from Rotterdam last week!

In the technique subset we will be doing some head-up front crawl and straight-arm recovery front crawl to help you focus on getting your stroke high for the main set.  Really think about a getting a quick catch when doing this – keeping it short and fast at the front of the stroke.  Then keep this going with a nice quick catch when you get into the full stroke swimming.

See you tomorrow,



This week we will be doing what I call the Brownlee main set of 100s, so-called as the Brownlees say it is one of the favourite swim sets, which we haven’t done for a long time.  It’s very simple and consists of 15 x 100s, swum 1-5 progressively with the 4th 100 being at race pace and the 5th one faster than race pace.  I really like it as contains a little bit of everything we like in a good triathlon main set – it’s specific to our typical race distance of 1,500m, includes a mix of different paced swimming and is great for race-pace endurance.

To do it well make sure you pace yourself at the start so you can really pick up the pace as you go through the set.  And try and pick up the pace as you would when doing a “golf stroke” set by increasing your stroke rate but keeping the same number of strokes per length.

See you Saturday,


The main set this week will be what I call the Brownlee main set of progressively-paced 100s.  All the 100s are swum 1-5 progressive (i.e. each one swum progressively faster) with the 4th one of each set being at your 1500m race pace and the 5th one faster.  Aim for a 10s improvement in your time between the 1st 100 and the 5th 100.

I think this is an excellent set for practicing pace-judgement and progressive-pacing, especially as you get tired, as there are no extra rests in this set.  So please try your best at pacing this well and:

  • Take your times for each 100 to check your pace judgement;
  • Try increasing your pace by increasing your stroke rate; and
  • Relax as much as possible and search for that easy speed at a higher stroke right – just like trying to spin your bike in an easy gear at high cadence rather than tiring yourself out and blowing up by pushing too hard a gear.

See you Saturday,


I’m reading “Swim, bike, run: Our Triathlon Story” by the Brownlees at the moment and they include one of their favourite sessions for swimming, biking and running.  So with Anna having given some of the Brownlee’s nutritional advice in her excellent race report this week I thought we’d try out their swimming session as well.

Their session follows a similar structure to our usual Saturday sessions with warm-up, technique subset and then main set.  The main set consists of some progressively paced 100s but rather than our usual 1-3 progressive it is 1-5 progressive.  The important thing is to be swimming at your usual race pace on the 4th swim so that the 5th swim is faster than your race pace.  Try and aim for 10s improvement in time between the slowest and fastest 100 so each one with need to be 2-3 seconds faster than the previous one.

See you Saturday!


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