We’ve been through all of the strokes now so we will put them back together and do some Medley swims as part of the sets this week alongside the usual aerobic front crawl.  Remember the key things on each of the strokes that we have been practising:

  • Keeping your head really still on backstroke with a good shoulder rotation
  • Keeping your elbows high on the breast stroke pull and having a good glide
  • Kicking twice on each Butterfly stroke and diving down with each hand entry

This is the last session before Impington closes for two weeks (4th to 16th November inclusive) to replace the air conditioning system so you will need to use the Monday night session at Frank Lea or public sessions to keep your swimming going.  I would recommend doing some slow front crawl swimming if you can get to a public session to really help you think about your technique.

When you do some slow front crawl I would strongly recommend

  • Breathing every 5 and remembering to keep your head flat and looking straight down at the bottom of the pool
  • Thinking about a strong catch with your whole hand and forearm
  • Keeping your stroke count at least two less than your normal stroke count, but achieving this by focusing on a stronger pull rather than cheating and kicking harder or adding any pauses into the stroke

For some front crawl inspiration you could try watching one of the greatest front crawl swimmers of all time – Alexander Popov:

When we get back to Saturday swimming on 23rd November we will be continuing to build on our aerobic swimming base.  This will be mostly front crawl but with some other strokes thrown in for variety and helping you work on being better all round swimmers.  We will then have about a month of training to get ready for the Christmas Swim.

Ideas are welcome for what everyone wants to do for the Christmas Swim this year.  The only suggestion I have had so far is 1,000m Fly, which sounds fun, so if there is anything else you would like to suggest I am very open to ideas!

See you all Saturday,