Many of us will have an A-race, which is the race we aim to perform at our best during the season.  We may also have a B-race or another important qualification race.  You will often taper off the quantity and duration of your training before these races to perform at your best, so I expect many of you to either swim shorter sessions on Saturdays or swim them at much lower intensity.  However, most of us race much more than twice a year so should you taper before other races too if it’s not your A or B race?  Only you can judge what is right for you based on your race plan but I would encourage you to continue training hard before some races to help you judge the right taper for your A and B races.

This week we will be returning to the ratchet set we did a few weeks ago which is a 1,500m main set with the intervals swum at reducing rest intervals.  Enjoy trying to use the set to practise your easy-speed by relaxing and saving some effort for the last few reps where the turnaround times start to get really right.

See you Saturday!



Photo by Victoire Joncheray on Unsplash