Open Water swimming is in full swing for many of us now and it appears most of us are doing this despite the lack of space at Milton.  Are you managing to do some sets for a bit more higher intensity as well as steady swimming?  Tim has written some good advice on this on his blog.  Some more ideas based on what Helen and I did for a main set at Milton this week are below:

Warm Up – 600 (2 x Milton laps) steady pace

Main Set – 12 x 75s as 75 fast, 75 steady

Subset – 300 (1 lap at Milton) fast swum as negative split

Swim Down – 300 (1 lap) steady

For the Saturday Dry Land session this week we will be doing the Triathlon Taren core set alongside some more intense Tabata-style swim circuits.  You will need a wall and something to stand on (for step-ups) for some of the exercises this week so please come prepared.  You can remind yourself of the Triathlon Taren core set below:

See you Saturday!