It feels like a bit of a mixed week for progress back towards swimming.  On the positive side Milton Country Park has now started to open for a test event and many have taken advantage of the great facilities at Box End in this beautiful weather.  On the negative side Swim England have announced cancellation of all National Swimming events in 2020 including both open water and indoor meets.  I know this is a big disappointment for many of us that love to compete and also have a focus for the swim side of our training outside of multi-sport events.  But I know we are a pretty resilient lot and there are likely to be plenty of other opportunities so we just need to get creative.  Nike’s recent advert is a little bit American but I did think it was quite good for helping us remember how we can use our sporting experiences for the positive.

In the Saturday Swim session this week we are going to focus a bit more on mobility, strength and conditioning rather than cardio as many of you will be starting to some cardio exercise in open water.  For the core set we are going to go back to Caleb Dressel’s Corentine #2 circuit that we did a few weeks ago (it is the easier one of the two we have done) so check out the video below for a refresher.

See you Saturday!