It’s exciting to hear that some open water swimming venues are now open (Box End and TriFarm) and some of you are taking full advantage.  OK, it’s still very early days and places are very limited but it is positive progress.  Adding this opportunity to those of you that have managing tethered swimming in your garden or a dip a local river then we are seeing more people gradually getting back in the water.  We are also making plans for our return to Impington as you will have seen from Matt’s recent email.  No news on dates or numbers yet but it is good to be making progress towards this.

The Saturday session this week will help us continue with our plan to be stronger and more mobile when we return to the pool with some more stretching, strength and conditioning work.  We will be doing a Tabata style main set this week, which reminds me of the intestity we try and hit in the USRPT fast 50s we do in the pool.

Please do be careful in all the land training and work within your ability.  I know some of you find some bits challenging and are picking up slight injuries so please do work within your limits.

See you Saturday!