Did anyone see some familiar faces in the Cambridge Independent this week?  If not you can read it online here on pages 60 and 61.

There are some interesting stories about sport in lockdown including Helen’s comments about the three ingredients to motivation – competence, connectedness and control.  I hope that with our regular dry land swim sessions from Tim, Heather, Helen and myself we can increase all three of these areas.  Your competence for the exercises we are doing should be increasing, we are as connected as we can be online and hopefully you feel in control of the time and effort you are putting into these workouts. This should all help with your motivation to get stronger ready for our return to the water.

In the session this week we will be doing a set that has a few more swimming strokes – including a bit of IM especially for Juliet – which is inspired by some workouts by a very good US open water swimmer Lexie Kelly.  No equipment required this week.

See you Saturday!