Did any of you try writing an imagery script based on the video I posted from Helen last week?  I did.  I wrote one to focus on improving my pace judgement in a 400m time trial.  It wasn’t as good as it could have been and Helen kindly gave me some tips on how to improve by writing a template.  And she has kindly said I can share it with you to help anyone that wants to write and practice an imagery script as part of their preparation for getting back to swimming: Imagery script template

I hope you enjoyed the slightly different warm-up we did last week, which was based on a mobility routine from the pro Ironman athlete Laura Philipp.  We are going to do her core workout routine for part of the session this week and you can see what it is in the video below.  It is in German but with subtitles and you will see that you need some basic equipment to do it, specifically:

  • A small ball, such as a tennis ball
  • A band, and
  • A light weight such as a light dumb bell or large filled bottle of water

See you all Saturday!