How did you like the video I posted last week about stroke improvements?  I really like this video.  It is a great example to watch and the analysis goes through all the main areas where we can all make improvements in our technique.  One of the techniques that many athletes use to improve both technique and race performance is imagery (also called visualization or mental rehearsal).  A very good Sport Psychologist, who I am particularly fond of, tells me there is a lot of evidence that it has a positive impact on performance, particularly in swimming.  And the great news is that imagery requires little more than a pencil, paper and some focused time and effort, which many of us can achieve in the current time.

So how do I go about doing some imagery?  Here’s a video to get you started:

In the Saturday Swimming session this week we will be doing another one of Caleb Dressel’s core circuits for the subset before we go into the main set.  Check out the video below to see what we will be doing:

The main set this week will be based on some shorter intervals so we will be looking for a bit higher intensity to get the benefit.

See you Saturday!