I am really sorry there will be no more CTC sessions for a while until we get through the Covid-19 outbreak.  So how do we keep our training and swim fitness going?  I have several ideas for you:

  1. Do more running and cycling if it is safe to do so while meeting government guidelines about social-distancing.  We are a triathlon club after all so many of us are able to do this and keep in shape.
  2. Find a pool that is still open and do some swimming by yourselves safely while it is still possible.  I have added all of our recent winter sessions onto my page here so you can do some of our recent sessions if you want.
  3. Use one of the many online resources that are springing up for home-based exercises to keep in shape.
  4. Come and join Helen and myself online while we do a swimming-focused strength and conditioning session from our living room on Saturday morning.  I will send out a link on email for when you can join us this week and we plan to do 2 x 45 minutes sessions with the first one starting at 7am and the second one at 8am.  You will only need a towel to lie on, a sofa and a phone or laptop with screen and camera to see what we are doing.  We will be using Zoom video conferencing to make this possible so follow the link in the email to check it out.

Hope to see some of you on Saturday online!



Photo by Sarah Ardin on Unsplash