It’s time to start adding some faster swims now as we build towards the start of the race season.  However, we’ve spent a lot of time over the Winter working on a good underwater stroke based on a good catch and push driven by rotation in your core.  This helps with a good distance per stroke and the trick to build speed is to increase stroke rate (i.e. strokes per minute) without decreasing your distance per stroke.

Try and do this by keeping your catch slow and patient and just squeezing as bit harder as you accelerate towards the end of the underwater part of the stroke.  Don’t rip it, though, as you will slip water.  The greater pressure during this push phase will push you forward a bit faster and your recovery and stroke rate will naturally increase.  Keeping a fast breath and short fast leg kick will also help with this.

We will be doing some drills on stroke rate after the main set today to help you work on this before we do some 100m pursuit swims to finish.

See you Saturday!