Great work last week working on posture and keeping your shoulder forward and near your chin.  I saw some really nice swimming last week doing this, especially on the three-quarter catch-up drill.  We are going to do more practise on the same thing this week with three-quarter catch-up as well as shark-fin drill.  I am going to ask you to do the shark-fin drill every 3 strokes so you can keep your speed going.  Watch the following video for a good example of this:

One effect you should see from these drills, and improved posture, is a greater distance per stroke.  Please count your strokes every once in a while during the session to see whether or not it is having an effect.

Next week I will be away so will be leaving the sessions and want to move onto thinking about breathing.  We’ve worked on quick breathing drills before and I’m going to ask you to use the cues from the following Effortless Swimming video to try and think about breath timing.

To hit the cues talked about in the video – starting to turn your head on hand entry and finishing it before the catch – you will need to breathe quickly.  If you do though, it will really benefit your stroke and combined with a good posture is a great way keep you swimming efficiently, powerfully and fast.

See you Saturday!