It’s Christmas Swim time again and this year we are going with 12-days of Christmas theme – based on an idea from Alex Bevis.  Both sessions are the same so the first session will start at 7:00am sharp and the second session at 8:05am sharp.  There will be lots of different strokes, speeds, turnaround times and it will be a challenge to complete the set in the time.  Think of it as a Crossfit session in the pool!  My advice is:

  • Turn up early so you are in the water and starting on time
  • Don’t add any extra rest or your lane won’t complete the set.  Miss out 50 if you miss a turnaround.
  • Pace yourself as there is a lot of swimming to do across the different strokes in the 65 minutes
    • Lane 1 will be 3,550m
    • Lane 2 will be 3,150m
    • Lane 3 will be 3,000m
    • Lane 4 will be 2,550m
  • Enjoy the challenge, be considerate to your fellow swimmers and let them go ahead if they catch you up

See you Saturday!