Well done for your efforts last week working on rotation and especially hip connection.  We are going to do a bit more work on that this week to give you more chance to practise this so the theme for this week is hip-connection.

One thing to be aware of when thinking about rotation is avoiding over rotation and also avoiding over reaching, which is something I do see sometimes on Saturday.  A recent video from Brenton Ford at Effortless Swimming talks about this, and how to correct it, and I would recommend watching it here:

We will be doing some of the drills from last week – prone kick with rotation and hip-connector – as well as one of the  drills from Chloe Sutton’s video we didn’t do which is power rotation with kick board, so watch the video from last week if you need a reminder about this.  But in all the swims this week – technique set, main set and subset – please focus on hip-connector timing.  Engage your core and start your rotation as you start the catch of each stroke.  And please do use your kick timed with this hip-connector rotation to help – even when doing the pull set.

See you Saturday!