Great effort last week on the drills with alternating hinge drill.  I saw some good high elbow catches and also had good feedback that you could really feel the difference.  We are going to build on that this week with a final session before we do the first time of the Winter next week, where I will ask you to focus on swimming fast with good technique.

The drills this week will be alternating hinge again followed by catch-catch-pushCatch-catch-push is my new name for catch-catch-pull and I have just changed the name to emphasize the key focus point for this week, i.e. making the propulsion part of the underwater stroke a push rather than a pull.  Please continue to be patient with the catch – as we have been practising – with no power applied during the catch phase.  Please also be patient with the push – starting the push gently and increasing the pressure on the water until the maximum speed of your wrist and forearm is at the end of the underwater stroke just before you start the recovery.  When you do this well you should feel the acceleration of the water past your body as you accelerate yourself through the water with each arm stroke.

As usual, please take the time you need during the drills to get this right and then keep it going into the main set, which will be aerobic 150s this week.

See you Saturday!