Most people have now pretty much finished their race seasons so we will be starting Winter training this week for most lanes.  However, I know quite a few lane 1 swimmers will be competing in the National Masters in late October so I will keep the faster sessions going for lane 1 until then.

The technique work for lanes 2, 3 and 4 will be starting with sideline kicking before going into an aerobic main set of 75s and 125s.  I would really like everyone to take their time over the drills and aim to swim them as comfortably and relaxed as possible.  The drills we are doing this week, and for most weeks, are best swum with your head down and breathing as little as possible.  You can only do this in a relaxed way if you are rested and take your time to have good enough rests after each 25.  So take your time, relax and try to take advantage of the time to work on a great high-elbow pull, with excellent early-vertical-forearm (EVF), and combine this with a rotation as you build through the drills.

The main set for lane 1 will with USRPT fast 50s – which is ideal 200m race pace training – so aim to swim all of them at your 200m race pace and miss some out as soon as you drop off this pace.

See you Saturday!