It seems only fitting this week do the Jess Learmonth set of varying pace 100s with quite a bit of kick to work on the legs.  Why, I hear you cry, when we are triathletes and we all hate doing kick?

Photo by Noelle Otto on

Well, ignoring the obviously unhelpful self-talk of “I hate doing kick” when most of us really just find it really just a bit tiring and uncomfortable, there are three key reasons.  Firstly, I hope many of you will have seen Jess Learmonth in the ITU Grand Final last week and her very impressive silver medal to provide some inspiration.  Secondly, we haven’t done this set for a long time and it is good to keep the variety going and remind your legs what it is like to use them in the water.  And finally, I really do think it is good to do things that we find challenging to give us an opportunity to improve.


See you Saturday!  Rob