We will be keeping the race pace training going as we get towards the end of the season and this week we have two sets to help.  The main set is a shortened version of the positive split 200s set we have done before to help practise going out fast for the first 100m before settling into a steadier rhythm and pace for the second 100m.  The subset following this is based on a set Helen and I did with the Las Vegas Masters and is a good mix of sprint, steady and speed endurance work.

The subset consists of a repeated block of 25, 50, and 75 swims all off the same turnaround time.  That means you will get lots of rest after the 25, a good rest after the 50 and very little, if any, rest after the 75.  To get the most from this set you should sprint flat-out every 25, use the 50 as a steady recover swim and swim the 75 at a good-enough pace to try and make the turnaround time.  There are no extra rests between sets, though, and you need to go straight into a 25m sprint after the 75 even if you have little rest.  I think this makes it a good set to get you used to swimming at a variety of paces and also being able to sprint even when tired.

See you Saturday!