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This week we will be slowing down a little to give everyone time to focus on good technique.  It will still be a good workout – with a main set of aerobic 75s and 125s – but the reduction in intensity should give you a bit more time to focus on your distance per stroke.  In all the sets this week please focus on the back-end push part of your underwater pull.  Engage your core and squeeze out a good length in each stroke.

See you Saturday!


Photo by Marcus Ng on Unsplash

We will be keeping the race pace training going as we get towards the end of the season and this week we have two sets to help.  The main set is a shortened version of the positive split 200s set we have done before to help practise going out fast for the first 100m before settling into a steadier rhythm and pace for the second 100m.  The subset following this is based on a set Helen and I did with the Las Vegas Masters and is a good mix of sprint, steady and speed endurance work.

The subset consists of a repeated block of 25, 50, and 75 swims all off the same turnaround time.  That means you will get lots of rest after the 25, a good rest after the 50 and very little, if any, rest after the 75.  To get the most from this set you should sprint flat-out every 25, use the 50 as a steady recover swim and swim the 75 at a good-enough pace to try and make the turnaround time.  There are no extra rests between sets, though, and you need to go straight into a 25m sprint after the 75 even if you have little rest.  I think this makes it a good set to get you used to swimming at a variety of paces and also being able to sprint even when tired.

See you Saturday!



I will be away this week so have left the sessions in the box.  The main set for the session is focused on building your speed endurance by asking you to swim fast sets of 3, 4 or 5 x 100s, off a short turnaround time, with a Brucey Bonus rest in between each set.  But is this main set really a set of 100s or is it a set of “broken 300s, 400s or 500s”, i.e. sets of 300s, 400s or 500s with a short rest after each 100?

Both are essentially the same set, and have the same training effect, the only major difference I think is how you think about the set mentally.  If you find it more beneficial to think of it as broken longer swims or just sets of 100s I really don’t mind.  What I would really like you to do, though, is note your total time for each set of 100s.  I think you might surprise yourself if you compare this time to your 300, 400 or 500 PB and is why this set is good at building your speed endurance.

See you next week!



Photo by Roman Synkevych on Unsplash

Great effort on the USRPT set last week!  I, along with many of you, found it a really tough set as we’ve mostly been doing steadier-paced for a while now so it is really hard to go to the max intensity required for USRPT.  However, you rose to the challenge and I saw some great speed over many sustained efforts.

If you like watching great racing and more phenomenal speed I do suggest watching the whole 4 x 100m Medley Relay from the World Champs if you didn’t see it.  You can watch it here:

Duncan Scott may not be as familiar a name to many of you as Adam Peaty but his final leg in that relay was phenomenal.  He swam the 2nd fastest 100m relay split ever, in a time of 46.14.  I think you will probably appreciate how amazing a performance this is from Duncan Scott given the times we were all posting last week for fast 50m swims!

I will be away this weekend doing a sea swim with Helen so Chrissie has kindly offered to cover for me again.  It is the ratchet set this week where you will be looking to build on the fast 50s from last week by working on speed endurance this week.  All part of the progress towards your Project 56!

See you in a couple of weeks!



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