Did you see Adam Peaty smash his own world record?  If not, I would highly recommend watching it together with his interview afterwards on the BBC.  He is the first man ever to swim 100m breast stroke under 57 seconds.

I love a number of things about this.  Firstly, it’s an amazing athletic achievement to watch  someone who has changed the way everyone now tries to swim sprint breast stroke.  Secondly, I love the fact that he’s now achieved his goal of “Project 56” that he has committed to in a very public way and worked towards for some time (you can read a great article about Project 56 by my wonderful wife here.)  And finally, I love his interview after the race and his approach to the process of dealing with doubt.  What’s your Project 56 and what process are you going to take to try and overcome your doubts?

I would like to help you take a step towards your Project 56 with our swimming session this week with a great main set for speed work.  It is the return of the Ultra Short Race Pace (USRPT) main set of fast 50s.  This is a great set for increasing your top-end speed and so making it easier to find your easy-speed at a faster overall pace.  To get the most benefit make sure you swim at an unsustainable fast pace that means you need to miss out at least 2 x 50s to maintain your times.

See you Saturday!