Did anyone see the 10km World Champs Mens Open Water swim recently?  If not, the highlights of the finish are worth a watch to see how close the best in the world are over a 10km swim.  You can see the video here:

I hope you have enjoyed having some coaching from Chrissie while I have been away.  Helen and I were lucky enough to do a session with Las Vegas Masters Swim team while we were away – in a modest 20-lane 25-yard pool.  Yes, they really do have pools that big in Vegas!  I will be adding some ideas I picked up during the session to some of the sessions over the coming weeks but this week we will be returning to one of my favourite sets of fast 100s.  This is the set with plenty of rest so the aim is to swim them all faster than your usual race pace and at a speed you can just maintain for each 100 over the whole set.

See you Saturday!