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I will be coaching as usual this week then away for the following two weekends on holiday.  Chrissie has kindly offered to cover the sessions she can while I am away (probably swimming and coaching like I do.)  I will be leaving the sessions in the CTC box as usual so whoever is there first please put them out.Brownlee one-two as Alistair retains Olympic crown

This week we will be doing one of my favourite sessions of the Brownlee set of increasing-pace 100s.  Remember to try and swim the middle 100 of each set at your 1500m race pace and the final 100 faster than this.  If you don’t know your 1500m race pace then it should be pretty close to your CSS that we measure in the time trials, which typically as follows for each of the different lanes:

  • Lane 1: 1:20-1:25/100m
  • Lane 2: 1:35-1:45/100m
  • Lane 3: 1:45-1:55/100m
  • Lane 4: 1:55-2:05/100m

See you Saturday!



Photo: Courtesy of TeamGB

I will be away this Saturday and will leave the sessions in the box so whoever is first on the poolside please put them out in the lanes.  I know many of you will be away anyway doing the Great East Swim so for those of you doing the session I don’t want you to miss out of the fun of some faster swimming.  Therefore, the main set will be the Will Clarke set of fast and steady-paced 50s.

Remember, the secret to getting the most from this set is to focus on making all the fast 50s at a good pace, even when the turnarounds are short at the start of the set.  You can best achieve this by relaxing on the steady swims – focusing on good technique and easy speed with high stroke rate – and saving yourselves for good efforts on the fast 50s.

See you next week!



Photo courtesy of Will Clarke

We have done a lot of intensity during the build-up and start to the race season so this week we are going to take a breath and slow down a bit.  The triathlon season is long and I think it is important to balance intensity with steadier-paced work.  Especially when many of us are getting good intensity training from races.

The main set will be a steady aerobic pyramid and we will have a technique subset beforehand to remind yourself about getting a good distance per stroke.  And to finish off we will do some 25 sprints for a bit of fun!  See you Saturday!


After the fast starting 200s last week I’d like to focus on finishing strongly this week.  Finishing strongly, or even putting in a burst to get into a better position mid-race, is a great skill to develop that is shown by many of the stronger swimmers.

Image result for jess learmonth

To help practise this we will be returning to the Jess Learmonth set from last year.  It is a set of 100s and 50s mixing swim and kick swum mainly at your 1500m race pace but with some fast 50s to finish.  The kick work is a good way of bringing on the fatigue for the end of the set ready for the fast 50s.  And doing some work on the legs is a good thing for providing a change of pace as your stroke rate will increase alongside a faster kick.

See you Saturday!



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