I have a new challenge for you this week – inspired by Alex and Pete and also based on a set I did many years ago when swimming for Wycombe Masters.  It’s based on the Beep Test that you may have done in a gym to test your fitness.  A traditional Beep Test consists of short interval runs, with timed intervals getting ever shorter, with a beep telling you when to start the next interval.  You keep going until you can’t make the it to the start before the next beep.

In my swim variant of the Beep Test the objective is the same – try and make as many of the reducing turnaround times as possible until you can’t do any more.  We will start with 100s swum off a comfortable turnaround time.  Each subsequent 100 will be swum with 5s less rest.  Do as many 100s as you can until you can’t make the turnaround time any more.  Then drop back to doing 50s off the still reducing turnaround time.  These will feel comfortable again for a while until the turnaround times get tighter again and the challenge is to do as many 50s as you can make to the end of the set.  Please drop out when you can no longer make the turnaround times to ensure the lane stays together for the whole set.

Please swim this set off strict 5s intervals between swimmers if there are 8 or fewer swimmers per lane.  If there are more you will need to reduce the gap between swimmers to 3s but it will be easier to check your time and know whether or not you have made the turnaround time with 5s intervals.

See you Saturday!


Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash