Well done for all of your efforts on the Easter Swim last weekend.  It was a tough set – made especially tough by the unexpectedly warm water temperature – so well done for sticking with it.  This week we will be back to a more typical session but finishing a bit earlier to allow the juniors plenty of time for their time trials.

On the cards this week is a main set to help you focus on improving your VO2 max.  It consists of a number blocks of 100s, off a fairly short turnaround time, followed by a 100% effort, flat-out 50m sprint.  You will get more rest after the fast 50 as both the 100s and 50 will be off the same turnaround time.  Aim to swim the 100s at your sustainable 1500m race pace before putting in a maximum effort on the fast 50.

See you Saturday!