Great effort last week on the fast 100s!  Those sorts of intense sets really let you practice expanding the envelope of your sustainable speed.  We will be expanding the envelope in a different way this week by returning to the Will Clarke set of fast and slow 50s.

Many of you will remember that this is a challenging set with fairly short recoveries at the start but getting longer at the end.  It is a great set for working on speed endurance.  To maximize the benefit of this set aim for a big difference in speed between your fast and slow 50s.  You should aim for a  minimum 5s differential of your times between the fast and slow 50s.  This will be a challenge on the earlier ones with a short turnaround time.  One the later 50s you should be able to get much more than a 5s differential on the faster and slower 50s.  How big a differential can you achieve this week?

See you Saturday!