Well done for your efforts on the ratchet set last week.  I know most of you found it a good challenge and for those of you in lane 2 who found it too easy – don’t worry – it will be more challenging next time we do it!

This week we will continue with the race-pace work with the Brownlee set of progressively-paced 100s.  They are in blocks of 3, with a descending rest, swum 1-3 progressively.  This means the first 100 is a bit slower than your 1,500m race pace, the second 100 at your 1,500m race pace and the third 100 faster than your race-pace.  There is no extra rest on this set, though, so you will need to use the steady-paced 100s to recover.  I call it the Brownlee set as it is reputedly one of the Brownlee’s favourite sets.  I like it too!

I have to leave at 8am on Saturday so won’t be coaching the 8am session.  I will see if I can get someone to cover but if not I am sure you will cope looking after yourselves.  Lanes 1, 2 and 3 were all full again this week with 10 per lane so please do arrive promptly, choose a lane with space and be considerate to the other swimmers in the lane.  When everyone works together, stays sharp and swims close together, we can get everyone in the lane having a good workout.

See you Saturday!



Photo courtesy of Yiannis Theologos Michellis