Good work last week on the drills focusing on EVF and the transition into the powerful push-phase of the underwater stroke where you get the majority of your propulsion.  The push phase is the what we are going to focus on throughout December leading up to the Christmas Swim.  So this week we are going to work on using your core to help with that push phase using some of the core rotation drills from Chloe Sutton.  We are going to be doing the prone kick with rotation, hip-connector drill and support single-arm freestyle drills from Chloe’s video, which you can see here:

After the drills we will be doing a Pyramid main set where I would like you to focus on keeping the powerful core driven push throughout the main set.  If you get this right it should feel easy as it will be using your powerful lats and core to generate your speed rather than your shoulders.

See you Saturday!