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We have the pool for 3 hours this week, as the juniors won’t be there, so both sessions will last an hour and a half.  The first session will be 7am till 8:30am and the second session will run from 8:30am to 10am.  The extra time gives us chance to do a bit more distance, fit in some technique work focusing on EVF, include a nice pull set and swim a few different strokes at the end for fun.  See you Saturday!



It’s time for the Christmas Swim again.  Where has this year gone!?  As in previous years we will be doing two equal sessions to ensure everyone can do the same set.  So the 7am session will finish at 8:05am and the next session will start at 8:05am and finish at 9:10am.

The Christmas Swim this year is built on that wonderful trio of technique, challenge and fun.  We will be doing a long block of 100s, off a fairly short turnaround time, to make it a challenge.  The technique comes from what I want you all to focus on during the first and second 100 of each block of 3.  All the 100s are full stroke front crawl but I would like you to think about having an excellent EVF on the first 100 in each block and a good core-driven rotation and push in the second 100 of each block.

The fun part comes from every third 100 where you will get a draw a lucky dip variation from a swimming hat in your lane and do what it says.  It may also vary your recovery time so adding to the challenge element of the session as well!  Please let your fellow swimmers know what the lucky dip element is of each 100 by passing it down the line through the lane as the short turnarounds mean there won’t be time to have a chat or add any extra rest if you want to finish the session.  Please also make sure you start promptly.

See you Saturday!



Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash

Well done for your efforts on the core rotation drills last week.  I know they are tricky but I am hoping you felt the progression, as several of you did say you did.  I really do think it is an important area of the stroke that many of us can get some good improvement from.  We have done a lot of work on EVF but an EVF position is only really effective if you use it to apply the power effectively during the push phase of your underwater pull.  And engaging your core and lats is a great way to do this.  Try and think about using your core to push the water straight backwards.  But don’t rush it.  Try and squeeze yourself past a fixed point in the water so it is a gradual acceleration all the way through your underwater stroke.

This week we will be doing some more core rotation drills from the Chloe Sutton video in a similar progression to last week.  So please watch the video again below and check out the prone kick with rotation, hip-connector drill and power rotation with kickboard.

Next week is the Christmas Swim where we will be pulling together what we have been working on for the last few months together with a few Christmas surprises!

See you Saturday,


Good work last week on the drills focusing on EVF and the transition into the powerful push-phase of the underwater stroke where you get the majority of your propulsion.  The push phase is the what we are going to focus on throughout December leading up to the Christmas Swim.  So this week we are going to work on using your core to help with that push phase using some of the core rotation drills from Chloe Sutton.  We are going to be doing the prone kick with rotation, hip-connector drill and support single-arm freestyle drills from Chloe’s video, which you can see here:

After the drills we will be doing a Pyramid main set where I would like you to focus on keeping the powerful core driven push throughout the main set.  If you get this right it should feel easy as it will be using your powerful lats and core to generate your speed rather than your shoulders.

See you Saturday!


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