It’s been great to see how keen many of you are to work on improving your technique and I’m conscious I’ve been giving you some quite challenging drills to work on EVF.  Well done for trying these – we will be doing some more of them this week – as improvements in EVF are the biggest improvement in speed and efficiency that could be made for many of you.  If there is one thing I would encourage everyone to aim for when doing these drills it is to do them slowly and as relaxed as possible.  I know this is hard as some of these drills are challenging.  Please persevere and try and get just a bit more comfortable and relaxed doing them this week.

Also, do think have an underwater video taken if you haven’t already.  I know it can be a bit uncomfortable to watch as I find it exactly the same.  However, if you can get past the discomfort it is a great way to see the difference between what it feels like you are doing and what you are actually doing in the water.  And getting a video done now is a great way of getting a baseline to compare against when you try and make some changes.  This week I will be using lane 4 at the end of both sessions to do some filming so please ask me if you are interested.  I will keep bringing the camera for the next few weeks if there is not enough time this week.

See you Saturday!


PS  Do watch the Rebecca Adlington video again if you want a reminder of one of the best examples of EVF to suit a long and relaxed, fast and efficient front crawl.