We will be doing more work this week on the high-elbow catch with some more drills we haven’t done for a while, namely double-arm pull, sideline kick with a quarter stroke to catch, and reverse doggy paddle with rotation.  These drills form a nice progression through the key elements of the high-elbow catch in different body positions.  Please do them as a progression as follows:

  • Double-arm pull: Pause at the EVF position and check your forearm is vertical in the water, with your elbow pointing forwards, before pressing through the rest of the pull.  This is best done with a pull buoy and head down without breathing – so take your time to allow you to do as much as possible without breathing.
  • Sideline kick with a quarter stroke to catch: This is all about getting into the EVF position on your side in the sideline kick position.  Do not put any effort into the pull (as you shouldn’t anyway when getting to the catch position) as this drill is all about getting to the EVF position before you start to apply the power.
  • Reverse doggy paddle with rotation:  Do this by starting with your arms by your sides and do doggy paddle but finishing each stroke with both arms by your side again.  Pause at EVF and check you have a good EVF before starting the push at the end of the stroke.  This puts together the EVF work of the previous drills combined with the rotation that is part of a good full stroke.

The main set is an aerobic pyramid and we will finish with some 25m sprints.  We will use only lanes 2, 3 and 4 for the sprints as I will use lane 1 for videoing anyone that wants to be recorded.  I would strongly encourage anyone that wants recording to take advantage of this.  Doing this regularly is a great way to check on your stroke as it often feels very different to what it looks like.  Helen filmed me racing last weekend and it was a great way of spotting some errors I make in my stroke when racing that I will be working on over the Winter.

See you Saturday!