This week the Juniors will be doing time trials again so we will be finishing the 8am session at 9am to give them a bit more time.  As usual, in return, we will be getting the pool for all 3 hours on 6th October so we will be taking full advantage with two hour and a half sessions to officially mark the end of the our main Triathlon racing season.  That means we will be starting Winter training on 13th October (for most people) so I hope you have been thinking about your swimming goals for this Winter as I wrote about in my post last week.  I will talk more about that in a future post.

The slight exception I will be making this year is to keep our faster swimming going for those who are racing at the end of October in Ibiza at the ETU Championships and also as the Masters Short Course Championships in Sheffield.  To accommodate those doing these races I will be keeping the race pace sessions going for lane 1 in both sessions on 13th and 20th October as well as the 8am session for lane 2 on those dates.  I think that covers most of those racing at these events and also provides options for those wanting to start the Winter training by choosing a different time or lane for the sessions on 13th and 20th October.

For our last race-pace session this week we will be doing some speed endurance 100s followed by 100% effort 50s.  This is a good session to keep your speed endurance going for any late season races and enjoy a max effort blow out for those who just want to finish the season with a blast in the pool.

See you Saturday!