Only just over a week until the club Aquathlon so we’ll be looking to sharpen your 400m time trial skills.  We’ve had some good speed work over the last few weeks so this week we will be doing some speed endurance swims – doing blocks of 100s at race pace with a short recovery.  And to add a bit of race-day practise I am going to ask you to do a quick exit from the pool after each block of 100s before heading down to the opposite end of the pool to start the next set.

As we all know, racing any multi-sport event, like Triathlon or Aquathlon, requires a measured effort on the first disciplines to ensure you have enough left to quickly and efficiently get through both the transitions and the subsequent disciplines.  So please try and simulate this approach this week and swim each block of 100s as fast as possible but trying to hold a little bit back, as you would for going in to the run, by swimming as fast and relaxed as possible.  As I have said before a good way to do this is to have a good high stroke rate.  The drills we will be doing before the main set will help you get ready for swimming a higher stroke rate in the main set.

See you Saturday, Rob!


Photo by Mateus Araujo on Unsplash