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Did you see Vicky Holland’s emphatic win in Montreal last week?  If not, it’s well worth a watch on replay to see how well Vicky Holland and all the other British women performed getting 2 out of the 3 podium slots.

Their performances are the motivation for our session this week.  We will be doing some of Vicky Holland’s favourite swim drills to start the session – doggy-paddle and fists – before going into the Brownlee set of progressively-paced 100s.  There is a good article with pictures about the drills on the 220 website here.

I would like you to swim of the drills breathing bilaterally which means on the doggy-paddle you will be breathing to the side. You should find this slightly easier than head-up doggy-paddle and it will also allow you a little more rotation.  As you rotate please concentrate and keeping that vertical forearm as a paddle pushing straight backwards through the pull and don’t let it drift across under your body.

See you Saturday!


Well done for your efforts last week on the faster paced 100s.  It was good to see you putting in some great efforts consistently over the whole set and many of you hitting consistently fast times.


I will be swimming and coaching the session as usual this week (4th August) and then away for the next 3 weeks returning on 31st August.  Chrissie and Simon are also away then so you will be doing the sessions yourselves.  I will leave them in the club box tomorrow for you to get out for each of the sessions over the next few weeks so please help set up the pool and get the sessions out if you are there first for the 7am session.  The plan for August is as follows:

  • This week we will be building on the fast 100s last week with some even faster 50s this week with the return of the USRPT (Ultra Short Race Pace Training) set with every swim at your 200m race pace.
  • Next week is more 50s with the Will Clarke Set of faster and steadier paced 50s off different turnaround times.  The aim of this is to keep the top-end swim speed you have been building over the previous two weeks and combine it with some more speed endurance.
  • The week after that sees the return of the ratchet set which is all about speed endurance.  With the faster paced swimming we have been doing leading up to that you should be able to really feel comfortable at the start of the set with some easy speed to help you make the increasingly tight turnaround times and stay relaxed.
  • The final week before I am back will be the main set of positive-split 200s.  It is a very long main set and including plenty of 200s where you will be practising starting fast before dropping back into a sustainable race-pace cruise.

Enjoy your August and your holidays if you are going away.  Have fun and enjoy the swimming wherever you can!


Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

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