Well done for all of your efforts last week in what was our longest main set of the year outside the special Christmas and Easter swims.  This week we will be doing some more quick breathing drills before the aerobic-paced main set and some 25 sprints to finish.

Swimming is a total body sport with all the key motions – arms, legs, breathing and body position – affecting each other.  Breathing also illustrates one of the key compromises in swimming.  You will swim fastest when you keep your head down and don’t breathe.  But that is clearly not sustainable for any of the distances we will be swimming in races so the trick is to breathe efficiently to get the oxygen you need but to do it in a way that disrupts your stroke as little as possible.  And this is why doing good quick breathing is so important and can also help with keeping a good stroke rhythm.

See you Saturday!


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash