Have spent some time working on quick breathing over the last two weeks I’d like to move onto fast starts.  Fast starts in triathlon are important to help you get the most benefit from positioning in a mass start and are the opposite of how you would swim a normal swimming race, where a negative split (swimming the second half slightly faster than the first half) is usually the way to swim your best time.  So this week we are going to practise our race starts with some positive split 200s – meaning you swim the first 100 fast and then drop back into a steadier and sustainable race pace.


Please do try and keep the quick breathing going that you’ve been doing well over the last couple of weeks.  But combine the concentration on quick breathing with having a bit of fun as we vary the pace in the main set.  A good way to practice this is to leave a 5s gap and try and get on the feet of the swimmer ahead during the fast 100 and then hang onto their slip stream, without any annoying toe-tapping.  Similarly you can try and few different tactics, such as varying your pace a bit to try stay away from the swimmer behind if there is space in the lane, as you may need to sometimes in an open water swim.

Just a quick update about the fast the session tomorrow to help you get a bit more value from it.  Tim quite rightly pointed out that knowing the physiology of the your different energy systems may help you get more benefit from trying different ways of doing quicker starts in the positive split 200s.  For a really fast start you will be using your alactic anaerobic energy system which will allow you to go fast for the first 25m or so without any real downside physiologically but you will then need to back off a bit to ensure you don’t go too fast and fade for later.  However, in an open water start you may still want to go hard for more than 25m to get into a drafting position with a pack to trade off the greater fatigue for the added benefit of some drafting.  Have a play around with different tactics tomorrow to see what works best for you in different situations!

See you Saturday!


Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash