I was really impressed by your resilience last week when I reduced the turnaround times for the final set of 100s in the second session.  After only a brief dirty look from a couple of you (mentioning no names, Selina and Simon) everyone just got on with it and swam the final set really well on the tougher turnaround times.  You need to be pretty resilient to be a triathlete, especially in open water events, so well done for dealing with the unexpected change so well.


This week we have the pool for 3 hours so will split the session into two hour and a half sessions as we have done before, so the second session will start at 8:30am and finish at 10am.  You will need your resilience again as we will be doing long sets in both sessions – 5km in lane 1, 4.5km in lane 2, 4km in lane 3 and 3.5km in lane 4.  So I strongly recommend:

  1. Preparing well, by bringing a drink and being on time
  2. Swimming well, by focusing on a good high-elbow technique, and
  3. Collaborating well, by working well and considerately with your lane-mates

See you Saturday!